5 Best Android Apps in 2021

Right choices give the best way to reach the objective. The selection of the best apps that offer a wide range of services is an important factor. In millions of apps finding a better one is important, here we are providing details about the best apps that are stand in the top position in 2021.

Best Android Apps of 2021

These are the best apps for android that are most trending and most people used that.

1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best apps of 2021, Instagram providing current trending information within a short time. It crosses more than 100 crore downloads and 500 million active users worldwide. Instagram is a platform where users can share videos and pictures to create a brand image. For further development of business, Instagram is one of the best apps where you can spread your thoughts and unique content within a short time.


2. Yowhatsapp

Yowhatsapp acts as an alternative to an original Whatsapp, with additional benefits. Yowhatsapp is designed to give the best experience while communicating with friends and family members. Yowhatsapp has above 1.5 million active users. It is able to download in the android system, it doesn’t give support to install in IOS systems.

Advantages of FM WhatsApp

  1. Allows to send a single message to more than 30 contacts at a time
  2. In original WhatsApp, the user can transfer 30 images but in FM WhatsApp you can send 60 pictures at a time
  3. Provide high security through providing inbuilt options such as hiding contacts, inbuild locker system.
  4. Thousands of attractive themes are available in FM WhatsApp
  5. Inbuild privacy locks are available in it
  6. Able to pin up 100 chats at a time
  7. Options to operate video call functioning by selecting able and disable options.


3. Spotify

Spotify stands in the top position among all musical apps, it provides both paid and free service. Spotify creates the best platform and becomes a piece of large music streaming app. Above 100 crore downloads and more than 350 million active users are there. It costs around $ 9 per month, for subscribers to have access to download and listen to music in offline mode. It provides music service in 62 different languages including national and international languages. Spotify works in both android and IOS systems.


4. Google assistance

Google assistance id developed by google. More than 100 million downloaders and above 500 million active users are there. It allows accessing various functions like voice commands, device controls, voice activation. Like Siri in IOS systems, google assistant works on android devices. Google assistance is AI which helps to communicate with the device to fulfill your question and to reach objectives. Google assistance devices are also available in the market which is developed by Google Company.


5. Youtube

Youtube is one of the best apps and also creates a huge fanbase following more than 500 crore downloads and 85% of active users are there. Youtube provides service across the world with the best performance. Thousands of users settled in life by making money on youtube. Youtube gives both paid and free accessing and in recent years youtube started paid service which costs around $12 per month. Within the second posted videos reach subscribers and provide various services like posting films, trailers, series, animated videos, video clips, music videos, and so on.



We have covered the top best apps for android and IOS devices in this article. The information we have gathered here is as per the statistics available on the Internet.

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