Top Social Media Sites And Apps 2021

Today, social media sites and platforms allow users to maximize their brand reach, engage the right audience, bring their attention to the brand, and commercialize it on social media platforms among the worldwide population. Social media has unknowingly become an indispensable part of our daily lives. More and more people are spending time on it, and they are not just passively using it but are actively engaging on these social media sites.

There are many choices in social media sites to choose from, and you can find out about the best high-end tested platform for all your social media needs. If you’re someone who uses social media regularly, look at our website. We have the best social media downloaders for you to use. Some of them are likely familiar to you, while others may have sailed under your radar. Our website features some of the best social media downloaders available for free. Before you pick the best social media app for your brand, you must first be aware of and informed about most of the available options.

If you are newly venturing into social media to promote your brand, some things need to be considered. Ensure that the social media platform you choose is the best fit for your business and you.

Best Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

To make things easier, here is a comprehensive list of top social media sites and platforms that can come to your benefit when thinking about promoting your brand. The list has the most popular social media sites with various features, user bases, and niches that you can consider for your brand. Let us get started!

1. Instagram

Instagram is a social media and photo-sharing site that allows you to share photos and videos. The application provides options for having a business profile for your brand. It provides rich analytics of your profile and posts with the ability to schedule your posts using third-party tools. Instagram offers targeted advertising options for your brand as well.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular application among social media users worldwide. Facebook has evolved constantly since its launch in 2004. Brands and businesses have options to create their business pages, events, and groups to interact with their target audiences. Facebook provides targeted advertising facilities for those who want to increase their product and brand visibility among consumers.

3. YouTube

As the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube can be considered for your brand. You can create your YouTube channel for your brand and start posting videos of interest for your viewers. Relatable videos connected with your brand will bring subscribers to your channel.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp application has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a professional profile. It provides facilities such as customer support and purchase updates to its customers. The application has introduced the WhatsApp Business for small businesses and the WhatsApp Business API For medium and large enterprises.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular social media site that enables microblogging to its users. This social platform is used for sharing text, photos, videos, and more. You can promote your brand on this platform by sharing product photos and videos to engage with your viewers.

6. TikTok

TikTok is fairly new to the world of social media, and however, it has already made an extraordinary mark on the social scene. You can use TikTok to show off your brand’s creative side and create viral video content as part of your marketing strategy.

7. Reddit

Reddit is an entertainment website and social news website forum with various sub-communities keen on specific interests. These communities are called subreddits. You can register yourself to post content and comments on threads to interact with other users. Tons of active targeted groups make it an interesting option for brands to reach a new audience.

8. Quora

Quora facilitates its users to ask questions and share answers on various topics. Businesses have been using this site to build their expertise in specific areas with interaction with other users.

9. Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform for entertainment and news related to sports, politics, and more. Twitter provides real-time information, making it unique from other social sites. Twitter executes social customer service for many popular businesses as well.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has advanced into a qualified social media platform where business experts share content, build their brand and network with other users. This site has achieved a place for businesses to establish their authority and guidance in their industry and attract talent to their company.

11. Pinterest

Pinterest helps people discover new things and be inspired, unlike other sites that focus on engagement. Seventy-eight percent of users think that content on Pinterest from worldwide brands is useful, which gives your brand an exclusive prospect to shape their purchasing choices.

12. Medium

Medium is a free publishing platform with a social network element. Brands can republish their original posts from their company blog on this platform to extend their reach. Medium has 60 Million active users. A publishing platform where people can write articles on various topics and connect. You can use this site to boost your brand’s exposure and attract traffic to your websites.

13. Digg

Digg is a news publishing site with a curated front page. Contents on this social channel vary extensively and may include political issues, scientific finds, and viral videos. Businesses can use it to organize their online feeds or share relevant content.

14. Telegram

Telegram is a social messaging app wherein brands can create chatbots for the platform or use the channel feature to transmit messages to unlimited subscribers. Right now, it’s one of the world’s largest and safest social media messaging sites. You may use Telegram to create customer service chatbots and broadcast messages to your subscribers.

15. Vimeo

Vimeo offers quality features for videographers to share cinematic content. The users can share and embed videos on other sites, and they can also access advanced statistics and analytics to monitor the performance of their content.

16. Flickr

Flickr is a platform for sharing photos and videos. It’s popular for photographers or businesses that want to see their images shared around the web.

17. WeChat

WeChat is an application that offers official business accounts to businesses. Brands use this service to easily facilitate communication with customers and participate in social media campaigns.

18. Line

The line is a social application that allows users to message, make payments, and shop online. Brands can generate official accounts to share news and promotions, appearing on their followers’ timelines.

19. Viber

This platform provides several opportunities to businesses. As a business brand, you can purchase advertisements, engage within your brand community, exhibit your products and contents in the shopping section, and provide customer service.

20. Facebook Messenger

You can’t include Facebook in your list and forget to mention Facebook Messenger. The application has stood the test of time and sustained itself as the native Facebook messaging app. Facebook’s Messenger was made into a standalone application with much more evolved features. The app is updated regularly, and users can now integrate their Facebook and Instagram chats in one place. Today businesses are provided with advertising, creating chatbots, sending out newsletters, and more on this application.


To make the most of these top social media sites, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Your brand is your identity, and its perception will greatly impact your business. So be conscious of what you post on social media sites.
  • Be clear about your brand’s goals for posting relevant and interesting content, as users are all too ready to click away if it fails to hold their attention.
  • There is no need to be on all social media sites. Consider your target audience and narrow it down to a select few.
  •  When it comes to your brand identity, be consistent across all platforms in terms of color, design, font, and so on.
  • Corporate jargon, form language are a big NO on social media sites. Use a conversational tone. 
  • Be funny and clever. Consider brands such as Netflix, Wendy’s, or Oreo, whose tweets are well received by Twitterati’s.


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