10 Best Video Player Apps For Android in 2021

Android is undoubtedly the best mobile operating system on the market today. As an open-source platform based on Linux, new apps are being developed for the platform. Almost anything can be done with an Android smartphone today, such as watching movies, playing games, listening to music, and surfing the web.

The majority of users prefer to watch movies on their own phones because they enjoy watching movies on their own phones and having a third-party media player app can enhance your video viewing experience.

You will find a lot of Android apps in the Google Play Store if you search there for the media player. Almost all media file formats can be played by media player apps. Additionally, there are also some apps available that will play 4K video files on a smartphone. 

Obviously, there are a variety of video player apps are available on the Google Play Store. But most of the users configure which is best for their android. So here in this article, I am going to share the list of best video player apps for android.

10 Best Video Player Apps For Android in 2021

So here in this article I sorted out the list of best video players which is best for use and recommended by other users. So many choices always confuse us, and we end up installing the wrong media player. In order that you can watch videos on your Android device with a better experience, we will share some of the best Android video players. Let’s get started.

1. Archos Video Player

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

So in first and top of the list is Archos Video player. Which is now being popular and top-rated. You can use Archos Video Player for Android because it features a modern interface and simple controls. Filter through your collection of videos by how they have been labeled, such as “TV Shows” and “Movies”. You can also manually go through the folders, and sort your collection alphabetically, by date order, duration, rating, and more.

This program supports almost all video formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and others. I also have some additional features liken you can play video from external USB storage. Hardware accelerated video decoding for most of the video formats. This app is free and available in the google play store.

Download Archos Video Player (Free, in-app purchases)


2. MX Player

On the Play Store, MX Player is by far the most popular and best video player app for Android devices. Since it’s been around previously, the media player app has included features like hardware decoding and hardware-accelerated playback. 

It supports almost all video and audio formats. It still has these features in addition to gesture controls, subtitle support, and a kid lock to ensure your kids watch their Disney movies while you’re away. Furthermore, almost every codec is supported. 

You can adjust subtitles and audio track selection in the application MX Player. You can also include chapters with the application if they are embedded in the video. You can see the details of any film or series by clicking on it. In the description, you can find additional details such as the genre, director, actors, and writers. Each film or series can be marked as viewed. 

MX Player’s latest version lets you stream movies and TV shows from the internet. You can watch free movies and TV shows remotely from your mobile device.

Download MX Player (Free, in-app purchases)


3. VLC for Android

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

In desktop operating systems like Windows or macOS, which is extremely popular. Now it is also available VLC for the Android operating system. Video player app VLC quickly became one of the most popular apps in the market. It has a bunch of unique features, including the ability to stream directly from URLs.

Some obscure video formats, such as DVD ISOs, can also be played with this player. The program has all its codecs built-in so there’s no need for additional plugins. The software also supports subtitles, full multimedia support (including audio), multitrack audio, and more. It’s a free media player app that’s open source and free of ads. For those who want to try the latest features, there is a beta version as well.

Download VLC for Android (Free, in-app purchases)


4. BSPlayer

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

Video player apps have been around for a long time, and BSPlayer has remained one of the best through all that time. BSPlayer is new in the, which is not so famous but it gives you the best video experience you will get. BSPlayer has more features than other Android video player apps.

You can further customize the interface of this uncluttered video player by using a variety of skins on its interface.  There are several advanced features like hardware-accelerated playback, multi-core decoding, network stream, etc. Additionally, subtitles can be played as well as files from compressed formats, and a pop-up window option is also available.

Additional plugins are also available to provide even better support.  With regard to file formats, BSPlayer supports a large variety of video formats as well as audio formats. This app is free and available on the google play store.

Download BSPlayer (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Plex

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

Among the best-looking Android video player apps, Plex could be the best choice for you. Not only does Plex play videos, but it also plays music, photos, movies, streams videos, etc. Installing Plex on your computer allows you to stream content from your computer to your smartphone.

Keeping all your devices connected via Plex is easy with a server that can reside on your PC. Once they’re connected, you can basically access any content from any device that is connected, and play it in any location you want. It’s free to signup for the service, but it will cost you $4.99 to download the mobile app.

There’s also a $4.99 subscription fee for the service. monthly subscription to get access to Plex Pass, which some of you will value.  With this app, you don’t have to keep your files on your device, unlike other media player apps. This frees up storage space for other stuff. Besides that, Plex supports almost all major video file formats.

Download Plex (Free, in-app purchases)

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6. XPlayer

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

In the Google Play Store, the video player XPlayer has one of the highest ratings. Videos can be saved in a private folder. Subtitles can be downloaded, and subtitles can be easily adjusted. It also has a video vault that users can use to hide their local videos. All video formats can be played with ease, and users report that HEVC X265 plays without any lag. It supports media formats such as MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS, etc.

You can play high-definition videos without a problem, and it supports hardware acceleration.  A private folder can be created to protect your videos. You can also use Chromecast with the app, and subtitles can be added. With the video popup in place, you have more time to use all the apps. You can resize and move the floating player to fit your screen size. Watch videos and use other apps all at once.

You can now watch the video in the background just like a music playback. The app has a dark theme and mute options. There are many more features included in this app, which could be one of the reasons it is rated so highly. This app is free and available on the google play store.

Download XPlayer (Free, in-app purchases)


7. FX Player

FX Player is a good option for a free music player on Android. Besides being able to play flash files, and it has almost every feature that a video player needs, FX Player is a great app for watching videos. While watching videos, you can do something else on your device.  It also has a floating playback feature that allows you to simultaneously watch videos and use other apps. This app supports almost every video file format.

While in the floating window, you can resize the video playing screen and access video playback controls. The app can play all video formats that you’d think of, including MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, WEBM, MOV, WMV, 3GP, ASF, FLV, MPG, OGV, RM, and many more.

The software also supports all the audio and video formats you require, it also supports high-definition videos, and it has a built-in hardware acceleration chip, subtitle downloader, Chromecast support, Internal Hardware Acceleration, Multi-track Audio, etc. Video locker and video hiding features are also included in the FX player.

Download FX Player (Free, in-app purchases)


8. PlayerXtreme

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

One of the most popular cross-platform media players you will love to have on Android is PlayerXtreme.  Watching online videos, listening to music, and watching videos are available through PlayerXtreme. There are physical acceleration features and multi-core decoding in this free video player. Additionally, there is a multi-track feature, subtitle gestures, background playback, audio boosting up to 200%, and many other features one would expect from the best Android video player.

 Also, the Xtreme media player has an easy-to-use interface. There are theme options to choose from.  In addition to that, the app supports almost all major video file formats which include video format MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, WEBM, MOV, WMV, 3GP, ASF, FLV, MPG, OGV, RM, and much more and audio include AC3, AAC, MP3, MP2, AMRNB, FLAC, WMA, WAV and EAC3, DTS.

There are many playback options available in PlayerXtreme, including frame-by-frame playback, variable playback speed, resizable subtitles, and audio and subtitle offsets if your playback isn’t perfectly in sync. Since the app can be downloaded on your Android, you can download it from Google Play Store for free. 

Download PlayerXtreme (Free, in-app purchases)


9. Kodi 

Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

The open-source media player Kodi is another excellent option if you want to use the best media player on Android. Kodi is more than just for watching offline videos. It lets you watch live TV, TV shows, games, and do much more, such as watch shows through live channels. However, you have to add Kodi Add-ons to do that.

Although Kodi lacks several standard playback features, it’s a perfect app to watch your movies, TV shows, and music on your local device. Kodi synchronizes all the imported media with television shows and movies. The best thing about Kodi is that it works on almost every major platform, so you can stream your content wherever you are. This app is free and available on the google play store.

Download Kodi  (Free, in-app purchases)


10. KMPlayer

It’s one of the best and most widely downloaded video player apps available on the Google Play Store. One of the things that make KMPlayer great is its beautiful and easy-to-use interface. There are 30 supported languages, by the way, and it’s a really solid video player app. 

The application has an easy to use interface, it keeps out of the way while it’s needed, and yet it’s highly functional, and it also looks really nice. Videos can be colored differently by adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma information.  You can set playback speed, volume, brightness, and subtitles using a single finger gesture. Moreover, KMPlayer supports high-def playback and lets you bookmark where you were stopped while watching a video. Video inversion is supported, in addition to pop-up play. Speed control of playback is also included, along with the Timer feature.

Download KMPlayer (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best Video Player Apps For Android

So these are the best video player apps for android that are most commonly use and recommended by the user, tell us which volume booster app is the best for android, share your review with us. If you know of any other apps like tell us and also share that article with others.

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