3 Stages of Editing an Online Video

3 Stages of Editing an Online Video

Online video is becoming the center of content marketing. A recently published article in Cisco indicates that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic – 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Thus, online marketing strategies are already adapting to this new circumstance, and more and more companies are using video to get closer to their customers, since this is the perfect tool to offer information in an attractive and accessible way, in addition, to promote the more active participation of the public.

With your ideas already well planned and knowing how each of the social platforms can help you publish your video, it is time to start the recording and editing process. To facilitate this phase, we have divided it into three parts that will help you carry out the entire process, from start to finish, without forgetting anything.

Stages of Editing an Online Video

Step 1: Create your Script

We think we can read your thoughts right now. Create a practical script? Isn’t that what video experts do? Not necessarily. You must understand “storyboard” as a simple way to visualize the plans that you are going to record to tell your story. Normally, the audio usually accompanies each shot of the script. If you can count on an expert designer who can help you in this step, do it. If not, don’t worry, you don’t need any additional courses or a design degree. Just outline what you want.

You need the storyboard to first plan your recording session, so you don’t waste time or money taking unnecessary shots. Second, you need to confirm that you are communicating your idea effectively and accurately.

Create your Script
Create your Script

Step 2: Record Scenes from Your Script

  • Use a tripod or consistent support if you need the camera to remain completely still, even if you are using your smartphone to record.
  • If you are going to record outdoors, make sure that the sun is behind you. If you are inside a room, the object, person, or scene you are recording should be well lit.
  • Keep in mind the channel in which you are going to publish the video when recording it. For example, if you want to do it with your mobile using the full screen in a horizontal position, make sure that the important part of the scene is framed in a square if the platform you have chosen to publish the video is Instagram.
  • If you’ve done all the previous work to prepare for this great day, you can probably spend some time experimenting. Don’t spend too much time on this, but treat yourself to, for example, seeing the effect of changing the plane from open to close (close-up).
  • If you are using an animator or third parties, make sure that their role is perfectly clear before starting to record.
Record Scenes from Your Script
Record Scenes from Your Script

Step 3: Editing Your Masterpiece

This phase of the editing process will definitely help you give the final shape to your idea. Either way you are going to do it, with the help of a friend who edits video or yourself, you have to be very satisfied with the final product. Please do not skimp on spending the time it takes.

Here are some tools that can help you at this point:

FlexClip: It is a payment tool but at a very reasonable price, which provides you lots of predefined video templates. FlexClip video maker is very simple to use, and you can export your videos directly to the social platform you want.
Lightworks: It is a well-known free software even in editions of Hollywood movies. It is the best but not the easiest option, especially if you are not familiar with video editing.
Hitfilm Express: Offers numerous quality services totally free, such as a wide variety of filters and beautifying options. Besides, it allows you to contract the payment option at any time if you need more options in the future. The only problem is that you need a very powerful computer to be able to install it.

Editing Your Masterpiece
Editing Your Masterpiece

In short, online videos are clearly at the pinnacle of web content, and skillful use can give us great advantages in our content marketing strategy.

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