How To Create Partition In Windows 10 Without Any Software

How To Create Partition In Windows 10 Without Any Software

Whenever you buy a new laptop or Desktop PC, in it there will be new hardware installed and that hardware might require a partition to make separate drives. But some of them don’t know how to create Partition in Windows 10. A non-technical person might be things that it is a very difficult task of creating a partition in Windows 10. It is very to create a partition in windows 10. There are so many third-party software available to create partition without formatting it. But you might be don’t know that windows provide their own software to create partition easy for the user. That tool is known as the Disk Management tool.

So, in the article, I am going to share you how you can create partition without any software


Create Partition In Windows 10 Without Any Software:

Just follows these steps which are given below to make partition without any software

Step 1: Open your Windows Search and type hard disk partition or Alternative right-click on the Start button and select Disk Management Tool.

Step 2: When Disk Management Tool opens you will see your all drives there. Now select the drive to which you want to shrink right-click on it and choose “Shrink Volume”.

Step 3: When selecting the Shrink Volume Option a pop-up window will be open at there enter the Size of Disk which you want to unallocated from that drive to new partition after that click on “Shrink” button.

Step 4:  When you click on the Shrink button you will see the unallocated partition block is created in black color. Now you have to create a partition of it to do so Right Click on “Unallocated Partition” and select “New Simple Volume”.

Step 5: A new Popup window will be open to creating a new partition click Next button.

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Step 6: It now asking about selecting the size of the disk which you want to create from unallocated after that click on Next.

Step 7: Now it asks to you which drive letter you have to assign to that drive.

Step 8: Leave this setting default and just click on the Next button at the end click on the Finish button.

Now when you open you This PC you Will see a new drive is now created.

That’s all That’s how you can make partition in windows 10 without any software. I hope that you understand well. If you facing any issue feel free to comment us below and share that article with your friends.

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