How To Transcribe Audio Fast And For Free

Transcribing is a method of converting audio or video into text. For example, the Indian Courts have a transcriber who types every word said by the advocates and the Judge for the records. But, in the contemporary world, transcription stays with the court and is used in many aspects. Transcribing audio has many benefits. Audio transcripts are not only easy to use and exchange, but they can also be helpful during crucial decision-making. Some of the benefits of transcription include easy distribution of data, text can be published but not audio, viewership can be increased, and it’s easy to use.

Transcribing videos is a great way to easily repurpose your existing content or simplify the process of creating a video description. The most basic and free transcription process is manually writing all the stuff by hearing the audio simultaneously. But this process is very time-consuming, and it needs a lot of effort. One more disadvantage of this method is that it is open to mistakes. Even one mistake in the transcribed text can change the meaning of the whole text. So, if you have all the time in the world and lots of efficient manpower, you can surely go for this option.

Don’t worry; manual work is not the only option to transcribe audio. In the contemporary world, we have many software over the internet through which transcription can be done. You can use various available softwares to transcribe easily. These software may be paid for or free to use. The transcription through the internet works when the audio is very clear. Accuracy is the main key in terms of transcription. So if we want an accurate transcription of some audio and video, the first point to keep in mind that the source should be clear, and minimal background noise should be there.

Several services help in the transcription of the audio. These services can be paid for as well as free. The paid services provide better accuracy than the free ones. In most cases, the higher you pay, or the more expensive the service offering is, the higher the accuracy of the result. Time also plays an important role in transcription. Usually, the paid option promises lesser time for transcribing your audio as compared to the free options.

Here we will talk about how to transcribe audio fast and for free. The first thing to keep in mind is if you are going for a free option, the accuracy may be less than those of the paid services. If you want to increase the output’s accuracy, try to keep your audio or video very clear and free from any disturbances whatsoever.


YouTube Auto Transcription

The first and foremost free option is Youtube’s Auto Transcribe function. In case you upload a video to youtube and want to add transcription, this is the option. It usually takes 12 hours or

So to fully transcribe your video depending on the length of your audio or video. There are several other modifications that you can do to your text, like copying your text and pasting it wherever you want to use it or changing some words or sentences.


Google Voice/Siri

The other free option is to use Google Voice or Siri to do the transcribing for you. In google docs, you can select the option of voice typing. When you hit the mic button, then you just need to talk, and google will take care of the rest. If the background noise is minimal and there is no music or wind in the background, you can also get some decent results. You can also use pre-recorded audio or video. Just put the pre-recorded audio in your phone and play it in front of the google doc then the transcribing will start. Don’t forget to put the English language as your primary language.

Another website that can be used to transcribe audio is Here, the transcription is free for 600 minutes per month. So if you have a limited number of minutes to transcribe to text, this is your option. This website uses artificial intelligence to transcribe your files, and the results are pretty much decent in different accents. You just need to sign up and create your account and add your file or link to the website, and the results will come out pretty early.

Last but not least is to get your work transcribed manually but at a very cheap price. There is a website that transcribes your work at a minimal price, but the work is transcribed manually by professionally trained personnel. You just need to sign up for the website and upload your work or attach the link you want to transcribe, and within 12 hours, you’ll get your transcribed audio or video back to you. This might take a good amount of time, but the results are very accurate because it’s done manually and done by trained people. The biggest pros are that a human does it, so its accuracy and quality are better than any free service.

So, these are the four free services that can help you get your audio or video transcribed. Since these are free services, don’t expect the results to match that of the paid ones. Some things can be kept in mind to increase the efficiency of the output, keep the background of the audio away from any major disturbance like music or wind.


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